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Identifying CNS-colonizing T cells as potential therapeutic targets to prevent progression of multiple sclerosis

Max Kaufmann, Hayley Evans, Anna-Lena Schaupp, Jan Broder Engler, Gurman Kaur, Anne Willing, Nina Kursawe, Charlotte Schubert, Kathrine E. Attfield, Lars Fugger and Manuel A. Friese (2021)

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Challenges, Progress, and Prospects of Developing Therapies to Treat Autoimmune Diseases

Lars Fugger, Lise Torp Jensen, Jamie Rossjohn (2020)

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Identifying Cross-Disease Components of Genetic Risk Across Hospital Data in the UK Biobank

Cortes A, Albers PK, Dendrou CA, Fugger L, McVean G. (2020) 

B Cell Tolerance and Antibody Production to the Celiac Disease Autoantigen Transglutaminase 2

Fleur du Pre M, Blazevski J, Dewan A, Stamnaes J, Kanduri C, Sandve G, Johannesen M, Lindstad C, Hnida K, Fugger L, Melino G, Qiao SW, Sollid LM. Journal of Experimental Medicine (2020) 

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A Plasmid-Encoded Peptide From Staphylococcus Aureus Induces Anti-Myeloperoxidase Nephritogenic Autoimmunity

 Ooi, J D, Jiang J, Eggenhuizen P, Ling L, Timmeren M, Loh K, O'Sullivan K, Gan P, Zhong Y, Tsyganov K, Shochet L, Ryan J, Stegeman C, Fugger L, Reid H, Rossjohn J, Heeringa P, Holdsworth S, Peleg A, Kitching R. (2019) Nature Communications

HLA variation and disease 

Dendrou CA, Petersen J, Rossjohn J, Fugger L. (2018) Nature Reviews Immunology

Bayesian analysis of genetic association across tree-structured routine healthcare data in the UK Biobank 

Cortes A, Dendrou CA, Motyer A, Jostins, Vukcevic D, Dilthey A, Donnelly P, Leslie S, Fugger L, McVean G. (2017) Nature Genetics

Structural and regulatory diversity shape HLA-C protein expression levels. 

Kaur GGras SMobbs JIVivian JPCortes ABarber TKuttikkatte SBJensen LTAttfield KEDendrou CACarrington MMcVean GPurcell AWRossjohn JFugger L. (2017) Nature Communications

Neuroinflammation - using big data to inform clinical practice 

Dendrou CA, McVean G, Fugger L. (2016) Nature Reviews Neurology

Resolving TYK2 locus genotype-to-phenotype differences in autoimmunity

Dendrou CA, Cortes A, Shipman L, Evans HG, Attfield KE, Jostins L, Barber T, Kaur G, Kuttikkatte SB, Leach OA, Desel C, Faergeman SL, Cheeseman J, Neville MJ, Sawcer S, Compston A, Johnson AR, Everett C, Bell JI, Karpe F, Ultsch M, Eigenbrot C, McVean G, Fugger L.  (2016)  Science Translational Medicine

Immunopathology of multiple sclerosis

Dendrou CA, Fugger L, Friese MA. (2015)  Nature Reviews Immunology

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration and axonal dysfunction in multiple sclerosis   Friese, M. A., Schattling, B. and Fugger, L. (2014) Nature Reviews Neurology

Weighing in on autoimmune disease: Big data tip the scale

Dendrou, C. A., Bell, J. I. and Fugger, L. (2013) Nature Medicine

Genomewide association studies and common disease-realizing clinical utility

Fugger, L., McVean, G. and Bell, J. I. (2012) The New England Journal of Medicine

TNF receptor 1 genetic risk mirrors outcome of anti-TNF therapy in multiple sclerosis

Gregory, A. P., Dendrou, C. A., et al., Fugger, L. (2012)  Nature

From genes to function: The next challenge in the genetics of multiple sclerosis.

Fugger, L., Friese, M. and Bell, J. (2009) Nature Reviews Immunology

A mechanism for T-cell-mediated autoimmune disease resulting from highly specific but low affinity cross-reactivity to common microbial peptides.

Harkiolaki, M., Holmes, S., et al., Fugger, L. (2009) Immunity

Opposing effects of HLA class I molecules in tuning autoreactive CD8+T-cells in multiple sclerosis.

Friese, M., Jakobsen, K., et al., Fugger, L. (2008)  Nature Medicine 

Interleukin-17 production in CNS-infiltrating T-cells and glial cells is associated with active disease in multiple sclerosis.

Tzartos, J., Friese, M., et al. Fugger, L. (2008) Am. J. Pathology

Acid-sensing ion channel 1 contributes to axonal degeneration in autoimmune inflammation of the central nervous system.

Friese, M., Craner, M., et al., Fugger, L. (2007) Nature Medicine

Functional epistasis on a common MHC haplotype associated with multiple sclerosis.

Gregersen, J. W., Kranc, K., et al., Fugger L. (2006)  Nature

MHC class II proteins and disease: a structural perspective.

Jones, E.Y.*, Fugger, L.*, Strominger, J.L., et al., (2006)

Nature Reviews Immunology, *Shared senior authorship.

A functional and structural basis for T cell receptor cross-reactivity in multiple sclerosis.

Lang, H., Jacobsen, H., et al., Fugger, L. (2002) Nature Immunology

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