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Subita Balaram Kuttikkatte Research Assistant

Subita graduated from Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology under University of Calicut, India with a Bachelors of Technology in Biotechnology Engineering and then completed a Masters in Research in Biotechnology from the University of Essex, UK. Her MRes project with Prof Nelson Fernández involved the investigation of the association of glycophosphatidyl inositol-anchored CD14 receptor and the transmembrane receptor, TLR4, involved in the innate immune recognition of LPS on THP1 cells. In the Fugger lab, she is mainly responsible for the genotyping of complex transgenic in vivo systems that are employed across a range of different projects. She uses High-throughput PCR and Real-time quantitative PCR based genotyping technologies, DNA sequencing, as well as the Polychromatic Flow Cytometry-based phenotyping technology for the characterisation of various transgenic systems.

Education and Training

Bachelor’s degree (2002-2006): BTECH Biotechnology Engineering, Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology under University of Calicut, Kerala, India


Master’s degree (2006-2007): MRES Biotechnology, University of Essex, Essex, UK



Kaur GGras SMobbs JIVivian JPCortes ABarber TKuttikkatte SBJensen LTAttfield KEDendrou CACarrington MMcVean GPurcell AWRossjohn JFugger L. Structural and regulatory diversity shape HLA-C protein expression levels. (2017) Nature Communications

Dendrou CA, Cortes A, Shipman L, Evans HG, Attfield KE, Jostins L, Barber T, Kaur G, Kuttikkatte SB, Leach OA, Desel C, Faergeman SL, Cheeseman J, Neville MJ, Sawcer S, Compston A, Johnson AR, Everett C, Bell JI, Karpe F, Ultsch M, Eigenbrot C, McVean G, Fugger L.  Resolving TYK2 locus genotype-to-phenotype differences in autoimmunity (2016)  Science Translational Medicine

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