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Suneale Banerji Postdoctoral Fellow

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I obtained my BSc in Microbiology from Imperial College before undertaking a D. Phil with Anne Wakefield in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM), University of Oxford. Following that, as a post-doc in David Jackson’s lab in the MRC Human Immunology Unit, I focused on leukocyte trafficking into the lymphatic vasculature particularly the role played by hyaluronan receptors. This led to structure/function dissections of the receptors CD44 and LYVE-1 which have made a significant contribution to the understanding of the observed behaviour of antigen-loaded, migratory dendritic cells “scanning” the basolateral surface of the initial lymphatic capillaries before transmigration into the vessel and transit to the draining lymph node.

I recently held a Principal Scientist position in Immunocore, a bio-pharma company harnessing TCR based bi-specifics to produce cancer, autoimmune and infectious disease therapeutics. After leaving immunocore, I returned to the WIMM to join Lars Fugger’s team and the Oxford Centre for Neuroinflammation.

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